Cathy O'Niel©
(bragt i Danmark med personlig tilladelse af forfatteren)

Playing with fire

I hear his car drive up, and I am shaking as I kneel on the bed. As he instructed, I am naked, quietly awaiting his arrival. No one has made me feel as this one does. The sweet aching inside for his possession, his fierce passion a fiery match for mine. The time we have spent together has fulfilled me in a way I had only imagined. The planes his words and thoughts take me to are frontiers of my submission, undiscovered ground. A wonderful feeling of love and trust, deep need and want, guided by His power and strength.

We have planned this meeting for weeks now. The longing for him so sure and strong, fed daily by his commands and quiet instructions as I yield to him. Sometimes it frightens me how much I am willing to do for him, with him. Yet it’s a feeling of safety and security I have longed for. He knows my thoughts before they are even fully formed in my head, giving me what I crave, what I need, what I want, seemingly effortlessly.

I shudder as I hear him come into the house. My eyes lowered respectfully, I whisper a soft, “Hello, Master.”

I feel his hand stroking my soft hair. “Hello, my angel. You look beautiful, my little one,” he says. I smile, and his fingers cup my chin, lifting my eyes up to his. They are even bluer than I had imagined. Clear, icy blue, like a mountain lake. The warmth in them takes my breath away. He leans in to kiss my soft lips, and I feel my body shivering. Goosebumps race across my skin as I feel myself melting into the kiss.  His strong tongue enters my mouth, searching, demanding mine. I helplessly respond, feeling his power over me, reveling in it.

He threads his fingers through my hair, lifting me to my feet. I groan low in my throat, moving up to be wrapped in his strong arms. The incredible warmth of his body against mine is like coming home.

"Come with Me, my angel," he whispers. He takes my delicate hand in his bigger, stronger one, and leads me to the bedroom. I have laid everything out, just as he requested. He studies the toys and candles on the table by the bed, and smiles at me. "Very nice, my pet."

"Now, lay on the bed for Me, love" he commands quietly.

I tremble slightly and move to lay on my back near the edge of the big king sized bed. He reaches for the silk scarves on the table, and securely ties my hands to the headboard. "Just your hands for now, pet."

I feel the sweet anticipation of his possession as I lay there. My nipples harden, and my hips move upwards, unconsciously seeking him. "Easy, love," he murmurs.

I lick my lips and close my eyes, trying to calm down. My heart is thundering in my chest, and I tug at the scarves, loving the feeling of being helpless before him. The trust I feel for him is complete, and comes from deep inside me. I feel it when we talk, the giving up of myself for him, letting his strength and knowledge take me to new places. Knowing in my heart he would never hurt me or abuse me.

His hand skims over my body, from neck to ankle, and I feel a rush of sensation ripple through me. I cannot suppress a small groan at his touch. "Open your eyes, angel," he tells me.

I open them and focus on him, and he is holding out large nipple clamps, with blue crystals hanging from the ends, the same blue as his eyes. "A present for You, my pet."

I smile up at him, touched beyond words at this precious gift. His hand cups my right breast, and his fingers pinch and twist my nipple slightly, making it firm and erect. He attached the first clamp, and I wince at the delicious sensation. He does the same to the other breast, and I look down to see them, loving how they look against my pale skin.

"Thank you, my Lord. I love them," I tell him.

"You are welcome, my angel. You deserve them. I am proud of you, and how far you have come in a short time. You please me very much," he answers.

His words soothe wounds buried deep inside me in a way no one ever has. I feel his strength and protection enveloping me like a soft cloud. His hand comes up to tenderly trace a long finger down my cheek. I feel tear welling up in my eyes, and he leans down to kiss them away. "Shhhhh, I'm here, angel, I'm here."

His hands smooth down my sides, and over my hips and thighs. It's like he is learning the texture of my skin, the feel of my body; the body that now belongs to him. He pushes on my inner thighs, spreading my legs, placing my feet flat on the bed.

Massaging me, his hands move over me, firm and sure. I can feel my body responding, like a slow flame burning inside me. Little whimpers whisper from my lips as he continues. He tugs at the clamps, the pain exquisite. My hips arch up. "Good girl," he tells me.

I close my eyes again, just wanting to feel. I hear the striking of a match, sniff first the slight sulfur smell, then the vanilla candle. He takes another scarf from the table and puts it around my eyes. "I want you to just let your body go, angel. Give yourself to me, I will keep you safe."

As the soft darkness surrounds me, I quiver slightly. It seems to intensify the sweet ache of the nipple clamps. I can feel the cool crystals on my breasts, and then his hands on my inner thighs. I jump slightly at his unexpected touch. He chuckles.

The next sensation is the burning heat of the wax as it drips down my leg, creeping towards my pussy. I gasp, then groan. Again, on the other leg, the hot wax oozes down my skin. Little mewing sounds are coming from me as he continues to drizzle the wax on my tender skin.

Closer and closer the wax gets to my lips. Suddenly, I feel his thick finger sliding into me, and I can tell how wet I am. So can he. He groans softly, and begins probing deep inside me, stroking the smooth inner walls of my pussy.

As he moves his finger in and out, he keeps moving the candle over me, letting the wax make patterns on my body. Each drop is like a sharp bite, and I lose myself in the feelings. His thumb starts circling my now throbbing clit, and I jump and moan.

As he massages it, it moves and slides around under his thumb, driving me crazy. I can feel myself climbing towards sweet release, knowing I will have to ask for it.

Leaning down, he kisses me passionately, his tongue leisurely exploring my sweet wet mouth. As the kiss deepens, his finger, then two, push deeper into me. And that thumb, circling, rubbing, stroking me. My hips are moving against his hand now, and he knows I am close. "Say it, pet," he encourages.

"Please, Master, let me cum for you," I reply in a husky whisper.

He keeps rubbing, faster, harder, the wetness of my pussy making his fingers slick against me. His fingers pull up and across my clit, then back in. I am lost now, wanting only to explode, the tension building inside me. "Please," I beg.

"Yes, my angel, cum for me, NOW," he tells me.

As I hear his words, my body obeys, and I arch up, then convulse again and again as the powerful orgasm rips through me. "That's it, pet, that's it," he praises.

As I tremble in the aftermath, he slowly soothes me, then pulls his fingers out. I feel them against my lips, and I open my mouth, licking and sucking them clean as I am expected to do.

He pulls his fingers out, then gently removes the nipple clamps. I shudder at the pain, and his hands wrap around them, massaging, easing the ache. After a few minutes, he unties me and removes the blindfold.

As he sits down next to me, he pulls me into his arms, then lays down next to me. The sensation of being naked while he is fully dressed is a wicked feeling. I smile, and lean up for a kiss.

He kisses me easily, then tucks my head into his shoulder. "Rest for a bit, pet, it's going to be a long night."